Rossmix Roses R Red

Rossmix Rugger

Sherlock Of Glen Sheallag

Waterloo's Rock Around The Clock
NOUCH SEV-89 Mjaerumhögdas Limelight
Garbank Giselle
BECH FRCH INTCH LUCH SEV-95 SEUCH NOUCH Orange Juice Of Glen Sheallag LUCH NLCH VDH CH WW-90 Jamescroft Squire
My Shadow Of Glen Sheallag
Knegarens Tarantella Knegarens Shine'n Sparkle FIUCH Linchael Ravel
Knegarens Querida
Stanroph Sweet Sensation Gaineda Chica Beau Of Stanroph
Stanroph Steal A Glance
Ch Rossmix
Sunshine In The Rain

INTUCH Stanroph Say Hi To Rossmix

GBSHCH Stanroph Endelwood Nicolas Shazeldon Love In The Soul
Stanroph Sailors Fantasy
Stanroph She's Got The Looks GBSHCH Stanroph So It Had To Be
Stanroph Secret Finale
Rossmix Too Late Donnyrose Julius Friendship Classic Fanfare
Floprym Lollipop
Honey Queens Garbo Gills Garfield
Honey Queens Gilda