Oldies, but goodies

My son William and Friendship Merriwagga (INT NORDUCH Mjaeurumhögdas Classic Sound - Friendship Mathilda) in 2003. Wagga was born 1994.

Ch Rossmix Please Be My Dream.

BIS uppfödargrupp SSRK Skokloster 2000 med från vänster NORDUCH FIV-98 Rossmix Rugger, hans son INT NORDUCH TRIALER Rossmix No Regrets, Ch Rossmix Please Be My Dream och längst till höger Ch SV-03 SV-07 Rossmix No More Waiting. Linda Dahlberg sitter bakom hundarna.

Rossmix Stay Forever (Ch Kerrien Raleigh - Ch Rossmix Please Be My Dream) and Ch Karvin A Kind Of Feeling (Ch Golden Soul Feelgood - Ch Rossmix Save The Best For Last). Stella taught Fille to swim. Stella was a sister to Rossmix Good Decision, born 2001, she died too young.

Rossmix Special Delivery (Ch Ashbury Please Tell Me - SV-03-07 Ch Rossmix No More Waiting), called Bosse, born 2003.

Rossmix In Love Again, called Lotta
(Ch Dual Purpose Lionheart - SV-03-07 Ch Rossmix No More Waiting), born 2002.

Rossmix All Yours
(Donnyrose Julius - Honey Queens Garbo)
A litter sister to Twitch, Rossmix Too Late. Owned by kennel Donnyrose.

LPI LPII Rossmix Good Decision
(Ch Kerrien Raleigh - Ch Rossmix Please Be My Dream) Lesley is searching for the ball to retrieve.

Rossmix Falling In Love, called Willis
(Gills Garfield - Stenbury Sea Jade) to the left and
Rodney Of Glen Sheallag, called Rodney
(Inassicas Song Of Songs - Ocean Blue Of Glen Sheallag) to the right. Both as youngsters.

Rossmix Touching The Sky, called Mallan
(NORDUCH FIV-98 Rossmix Rugger - Rossmix Gentle As Always), born 2000.

Rossmix Waiting For You, called Saga, born 2000
(Gills Garfield - Stenbury Sea Jade) co-owned with kennel Goldblossoms.



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